Bitcoin rises as US democracy is challenged

Bitcoin rose to $37,710 in the early hours of Thursday (7) and it seems that events taking place in the US capital have given a little push, taking the price of digital currency to a new record.

The US Capitol, the seat of American democracy, has been overrun by a pro-Donald Trump crowd in an effort to challenge the election results.

Minutes after news spread that the vice president had announced he would not carry out the president’s order and reverse Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden at the polls, hundreds of pro-Trump protesters broke down the barriers around the Capitol building Bitcoin Bank and advanced.

The situation in Washington continues with President-elect Jo Biden claiming that the invasion of Congress „borders on sedition“. He also called it an „insurrection“, claiming it was a small extremist minority.

President Donald Trump, who was defeated in the last US election, asked demonstrators to return home, saying that the election had been stolen but that they should return.

The national guard is now in Congress, as well as in several other legal bodies, with the situation coming under control.

It is suggested that legislators can resume the process of certification of the electoral vote.

Yesterday was a day that shook the United States.

A day when American democracy was more threatened, raising questions about why these protesters were allowed to roam Congress for hours as if the United States had no security authorities.

This could create uncertainty in the days ahead as the transition moves to 20 January, when Biden is expected to take over the White House in a country that has its reputation further damaged.

At the same time, the American public seems to have rejected this kind of policy, with the Associated Press recording in the Ethereum blockchain the outcome of the election in Georgia in favor of two Democrats, which gives Biden some freedom for the next four years.